Responsibilities of the Hospital Staff before surgery:

  • Complete preoperative physical examination and assessment for anesthesia and surgery by the attending clinician
  • Complete CBC and Chemistry Profile within 2 weeks of surgery
  • Diagnostics including abdominal ultrasound, radiographs, urinalysis and culture, echocardiogram, CT or MRI as indicated
  • Patient should be properly fasted for surgery and anesthesia (no food after 10pm the night before surgery and no water beginning the morning of surgery). Special adjustments will be made if the surgical patient has diabetes.  All medications can be given on the morning of surgery EXCEPT nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories
  • All pre-medications and IV catheter placement and as much patient preparation as possible should be executed in a timeline anticipating the surgeon’s arrival
  • Anesthetic induction should wait until Dr. Garrett Levin is present in all cases in order to complete a final preoperative physical examination

Responsibilities of the Hospital Staff during surgery:

  • Anesthetic monitoring (ECG, blood pressure and pulse oximetry) and technical support need to be provided by the hospital
  • All patients must be intubated, administered intravenous fluids and provided with inhalant gas anesthesia during the surgical procedure
  • All intraoperative medications (except for Nocita and Bupivicaine) need to be provided and administered by the attending clinician and technical staff
  • Most surgeries do not require a sterile surgical assistant. If an assistant is needed, the hospital will provide a surgical assistant for the short period of time necessary. Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC does not provide technical support at this time

Responsibilities of the Hospital Staff after surgery:

  • All postoperative patient monitoring and recovery from anesthesia, as well as postoperative patient care prior to discharge is to be performed by your staff.
  • Dr. Garrett Levin can provide recommendations on aftercare, pain medications or antibiotics based on individual patient needs. If necessary, regional anesthesia will be provided by Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC.

Responsibilities of the Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC before surgery:

  • Dr. Garrett Levin will be available to referring veterinarians by phone or e-mail for consultations. The case and the proper surgical procedure will be discussed and the date and time of the surgery will then be scheduled
  • Dr. Garrett Levin will do a phone consultation with the client prior to surgery to discuss the surgical procedure, as well as risks, prognosis and postoperative care
  • Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC will e-mail an anesthetic and surgical consent form prior to the day of surgery. This is to be read and signed by the client and kept in that patient’s medical record
  • Dr. Garrett Levin will contact your clinic on the day before surgery to confirm the day and time of surgery

Responsibilities of the Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC during surgery:

  • Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC provides all the surgical supplies anticipated for a given surgery. On occasion some items from your hospital may need to be used.

Responsibilities of the Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC after surgery:

  • Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC will provide you with a copy of the surgical report and discharge instructions for your patient’s medical records and client.
  • All recommended postoperative medications will be prescribed by your staff doctors.
  • Dr. Garrett Levin can contact the client immediately after surgery and give them a postoperative summary if desired.
  • Dr. Garrett Levin is available to the hospital staff by phone or e-mail throughout the patient’s recovery period to discuss any concerns or complications that may arise.

Estimates and Payment:

  • Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC operates as an independent contractor.
  • Final estimate (total cost) will be provided to the client by the hospital prior to the day of surgery.
  • Fees for services by Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC are charged to your clinic and are due upon receipt of services and invoice.
  • Payment to Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC is by electronic transfer or check. Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC can not accept credit card payments.