General Information

Ascend Veterinary Surgery, PLLC operates on a referral basis only and is unable to schedule appointments or provide advice without the input of your primary veterinarian. Please contact your primary veterinarian to discuss the possibility of a referral if you feel that your pet might benefit from a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Garrett Levin.

  • Dr. Garrett Levin will do a phone consultation with you prior to surgery to discuss the surgical procedure, as well as risks, prognosis and postoperative care.
  • Dr. Garrett Levin will contact you immediately after surgery and provide a postoperative summary.
  • Upon discharge, you will be provided with a copy of home care instructions.
  • Postoperative medications will be provided by your regular veterinarian.
  • Dr. Garrett Levin is available to the hospital staff and your veterinarian by phone or e-mail throughout your pet’s recovery to address any questions or concerns.